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Need sales, fast?

I just heard back from a customer who had me write a Flash Sale email campaign and they were so excited!

Their ROI was 10:1 …

yep – they made 10x more in sales than the cost of me writing the emails!


they made it all in 2 days.

That’s right – it was a 48 hour Flash Sale.

The Flash Sale email campaign will work for you if you answer Yes to these questions:

    1. Do you have a list of buyers?
    2. Do you have a similar product or program to sell?

Or, maybe you have a ‘next level‘ product or program to sell?

I’ve written a lot of Flash Sale email campaigns for coaches and ecommerce and have received many “WOW!” reactions because the ROI is bigger and faster than if they had spent the same amount of money on Google or social media ads.

the emails are done and they are great

Want sales, fast?

Have me write your Flash Sale email campaign.

You can use the same emails for a Flash Sale campaign in the Summer…

then again for Fall…

then again for Winter…

I have room on my calendar for a limited number of Flash Sale campaigns of 4 emails.

Want one of those spots?

Grab Your Flash Sale Email Campaign Now!

Limited Time Sale

Send me an email and start the conversation 

>>> I Want Flash Sale Emails!


Know What You Want To Promote?

What Are You Waiting For?

Order Your Flash Sale Emails Now

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Refunds? No. But, that is only because you have 2 revisions offered to you.

Samples? Yes. There are plenty you can see. Have written hundreds of emails in a variety of industries. Simply email and start the conversation.

What information do I need to send? The form asks for:

– Your Email Address

– Your Website URL

– Product or Program Information

– Who is Your Buyer? The buyer’s title or job function will suffice

– The Top 3 Pain Points of Your Buyer 

– The tone you want the emails written in – corporate, casual, self-effacing humor

– Your New Price, For How Long, and Call to Action

– How do I address the invoice? Invoicing will be through PayPal

– What else should I know? 

You will receive an email confirmation and follow up questions for clarity and details.

Copywriting/Email Writing/Content Writing Guarantee

Yes. I guarantee your complete satisfaction with the copy I write for you before you send the emails.

Most clients are pleased and enthusiastic about my copy when they receive it. If you are not 100 percent satisfied, I will revise the copy according to your specific guidelines… this is why you have 2 revisions available to you.

Just tell me what you want improved and what the specific changes are and I’ll make them — fast. There is no charge for rewriting. Revisions are included in the flat fee we’ve agreed to for the assignment.

What I don’t guarantee is a particular result or response rate. My conscience and personal ethics prohibit me from doing so. Why?

There are many factors in your marketing – product, market, price, list, demand, consumer preferences, the economy, the stock market, major events, inept execution, wrong strategy, inaccurate client input – I cannot control.

Therefore, while I can and do guarantee your satisfaction with my copy before you test it, I do not promise and cannot guarantee specific results.